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The school maintenance department began with one person attending to all the maintenance needs of the school district. With the passage of time and out of necessity, the department has grown to 12 full time employees. The maintenance department has many responsibilities which include grounds maintenance, general building maintenance, concrete and masonry work, remodeling, painting, equipment maintenance, food delivery, and outdoor herbicide control.
The maintenance department performs tasks through work orders:
  • When repairs or specific work requests are needed, campus administrators must complete and send a work order to the operations office stating the nature of the work and the time line for the work to be completed. (It is essential that all work requests follow this procedure.)
  • All work orders are assigned to personnel who perform the kind of work requested.
  • Work orders are handled as soon as possible.
  • Work requests affecting student learning and comfort are considered first.
  • Work orders seeking to correct safety hazards to students or staff are stamped SAFETY in the operations office and receive a top priority. Other work will be completed on an "as can be done" basis.
Director of Maintenance
Steve Long

Carpenter's Helper
Andrea Franco

Mechanic & IPM
Chris Kraft

Steve Long

Maintenance Crew
Jose Rodriguez - Foreman
Alfred Acosta
Omar Chavez
Juan Esparza
Giarge Gutierrez
Jeremy Jimenez
Robert Bland