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Use of Facilities



School sponsors of approved activities may request the use of school facilities during or after school hours.  The sponsor must fill our the building request form well in advance of the desired use date.  The request will insure that the activity will be placed on the operations calendar and the facility reserved for that activity.  It is the responsibility of the sponsor to over-see the proper use of the facility and to enforce rules and regulations pertaining to the facility being used.




Non-school groups shall be permitted the use of school facilities if such groups meet established requirements and follow procedures set forth by the District for use of facilities.  A facility might include buildings, portions of buildings, or playing fields.  A non-school group shall be defined as any organized group of individuals not directly related to or under the supervision of the Andrews Independent School District.


Non-school groups must have a responsible person make application for the use of the facility.  This application must be made in writing to the Operations Office in the Administration Building.  The responsible person must be willing to over-see the behavior of participants and audience during the event(s).  Strict observance of rules is mandatory.  Failure to follow rules will result in forfeiture of use privileges.  Rules will be given to the person making application for facility use.


Certain facilities are reserved for school use only.

Please contact AISD Operations at x1778 to request a link to our digital Facility Reservation Request form.