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The Andrews School District first purchased two school buses in 1930 when school consolidation began. The transportation department has since grown to a current fleet of 72 vehicles of which 39 are buses. Currently, there are 18 approved bus routes that total 197,673 miles per year, or 1,017 miles per school day. Each year the transportation department transports students an additional 134,000 miles to student activity events held throughout the state. In the history of the Andrews School Transportation Department there has never been a major accident causing injury to a child. The drivers are safety conscious, courteous and professional as any bus drivers anywhere.

The school district bought the first Eagle activity buses in 1981. Since 1981 the Eagle bus fleet has grown to six. The Eagle activity buses have served the district very well and are a source of pride in the community. Eagle buses are used primarily for varsity level activities and have taken students on trips to both coasts. These buses were equipped with video systems in 1999 to help sponsors and students have more enjoyable trips with the long distances traveled in West Texas.
Director of Transportation
Donnie Loyd

Chris Wagner

Richard Villa

12 Route Drivers
Myra Fernandez
Marlise Ferrell
Tammy Forman
Charlette Grant
Ana Hernandez 
Linda Jasso
Margie Jeffcoat
Marisol Lujan
Roger Overman
Reenie Phelps
Elsa Torres
Eva Villalobos