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Media Guidelines

Andrews ISD will work cooperatively with the news media for coverage of issues and events involving the school district, its students or staff. In addition, Andrews ISD is dedicated to providing all students with a safe, learning environment without unnecessary interruptions.

The following administrative guidelines are in effect for all Andrews ISD campuses:

  • All media inquiries should be directed to the Public Relations Department. The Public Relations Coordinator will work with the Superintendent and Campus Principals/Building Supervisor to decide the district’s response to each media request. Exceptions include routine athletic or extracurricular activity coverage.
  • Reporters and/or photographers are required to check in to the school office prior to beginning an authorized interview on campus.
  • Media personnel may be allowed on campus to interview staff or students during the school day with prior approval from the Public Relations Department AND Campus Principal.
  • If a member of the media visits the school site without prior approval, he or she should be detained in the school office until the campus principal and/or Public Relations Coordinator can be notified. The campus administrator or his/her designee should contact the Public Relations Coordinator when the media is given authorization to visit a campus or if the media arrives unannounced.
  • Cameras/reporters will not be allowed into the classroom or on a campus unless the employees involved have received prior notification and agree.
  • School officials are required by law to get parental permission before photographs or videotaped media interviews are conducted (FERPA). The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act requires school districts to obtain written consent before releasing personally identifiable information of students. Andrews ISD honors parental requests regarding media coverage of students, especially those requesting directory information be “completely restricted.”
  • When the media request focuses primarily on an individual student, Andrews ISD will attempt to notify parents before granting permission for the student to be interviewed. Exceptions include routine athletic or extracurricular activity coverage.
  • The Superintendent or the Deputy Superintendent shall be the official spokesperson for the district.