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Director of Special Services
Chris Dulin

Ruth Caballero

Family Services Coordinator
Michelle Acosta

Gifted and Talented Facilitator
Cynthia Sauceda

Marissa Martinez
The purpose of the dyslexia program is to provide appropriate instructional services for children identified with dyslexia or a related disorder. Andrews ISD has policies and procedures in place to address the identification and services for students who have been diagnosed as being dyslexic. Parent notification before any identification or assessment is evident throughout the dyslexia plan.
Adult Education
The adult and continuing education programs provide opportunities for citizens of Andrews to enroll in college courses in Andrews and for various local courses for non-college credit for self improvement. Adult Education enables our community's citizens to enjoy the pursuit of life-long learning opportunities and is an integral part of the District Plan for Dropout Prevention.
Section 504 Coordination
The purpose of 504 coordination is to prohibit discrimination and to assure that students with disabilities have educational opportunities and benefits equal to those provided to students w/o disabilities. An eligible 504 student is a student who: (a) has , (b) has a record of having had, or (c) is regarded as having a physical or mental impairment which limits a major life activity such as learning. Students who meet the eligibility requirements for Section 504 only will be placed in regular education programs on the same basis as non-disabled students.